4 Benefits of Smart Locks

4 Benefits of Smart Locks

a smart lock system with its phone application

Let’s face it. Better security is a greater need today than it ever has been. As burglars are getting smarter, locks are becoming smarter too. Smart locks are a technologically advanced way to keep your houses and offices safe.

Smart locks are extremely convenient and allow more customization than ever while keeping you secure. This article lists down the most useful benefits of smart locks for homeowners and businesses to enhance their security. We will explain how smart locks can give you more control over your property’s security and improve it.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in, shall we?

1. Smart Locks are Smartphone-Friendly

Do you always forget to take your keys along? Do you spend ten minutes every day trying to look for your keys in your bag or your pocket? You don’t need to anymore! Locks have become smarter, and you can access them right from your phones. Just pair your smart lock system with your deadbolt via Bluetooth, and you can unlock the key using your fingers.

Call a locksmith to learn more about how else you can access smart locks.

2. E-Keys. Yes, They’re as Cool as They Sound

You know those situations when you invite someone at home, they show up early, and you aren’t home yet? Or when you are stuck in traffic while your employees are trying to get in the office? No need to keep them waiting at the door anymore. With smart locks, you can now send E-key to those people and give them access to your property from your phone. Don’t want them to have the access forever? No problem! Just delete the E-key after it has been used. E-keys have revolutionized the idea of duplicate keys without any extra costs.

Smart Lock App

3. Improved Security

Smart locks have made it impossible for burglars to pick locks. Installing a keyless entry system in your house erases the access of robbers to your house. Smart locks are almost impossible to be cracked by thieves. Moreover, they allow you to monitor your property remotely and sync with your property’s security system. So whenever someone tries to break-in, you would receive alerts on your smartphone right away.

4. Secure Your Property Remotely

Another great benefit of smart locks is securing and monitoring your property remotely using the mobile application. You can hop on your phone any time and check on your system to make sure that your property is safe. This makes it very convenient for when you are on vacation with your family, away for a few days, running errands, stuck in the office overnight, or when you have kids at home.

Looking for a Professional Locksmith?

Now that you know all the benefits of smart locks and are planning to install one on your property, reach out to us to get your residential, commercial, and car locks replaced. Our expert locksmiths offer a variety of lock options to meet your needs. Our services include key duplication, broken key extraction, emergency lockout, lock installation and repair, keyless entry systems, locked keys in the car, crash bars, and more!

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