5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Locks

5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Locks

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When you think of the first line of defense for your house, what comes to mind? If it’s your door with a great lock system, you are absolutely right! The lock on your door is the most essential type of defense for your house, office, or car. A safe lock can add a rock-solid layer of security to your house and deter any burglars from trying to break in.

Although every door has a lock, there are times when replacing them becomes absolutely necessary. There are numerous scenarios that warrant this crucial step. Read on to find out why you should replace your locks even if they are not broken or worn out.

1. You Have Just Switched Homes

It goes without saying but when you move to a new house changing your locks is the first thing you should do after you’ve received the ownership. Many people overlook this need and forget to replace their locks. But you should always remember that both the old owners and the realtor have the keys to your house, and it can always result in an unsolicited visit. Moreover, the previous owner’s family could also have copies of that same key, leaving you at a serious security risk.

2. You Had a Divorce or a Breakup

Not all divorces or breakups happen on a good note. Sometimes, they can be pretty ugly, making it absolutely important to replace your locks right away so your former partner can no longer access your house. Even if your relationship ended on a good note and even if your ex-partner just wants to collect their stuff from your house, they don’t have the right to barge in using their keys. Replace your locks and set boundaries so you can avoid any unwelcome visits in the future.

3. You Misplaced Your Keys

If you have lost your main key or a copy, you should get your locks replaced immediately, even if you have a copy of that key. That’s because that lost key can end up in anyone’s hands who might see it as an opportunity to break into your house. Replace your lock and get a brand new lock and set of keys.

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4. Your House Had a Break-In

If you have had a recent break-in, the chances are that the intruder still has their hands on your house keys, and they can break in again anytime they want. Therefore, the first thing you should do after your house has had a break-in is to get your locks replaced AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This will prevent any future break-ins.

5. You Have Upgraded the Design of Your House

If you have recently redone the interior of your house, you might as well change your look and upgrade it to those advanced keyless entry systems to match your lifestyle. Keyless locks omit the need to carry keys with you 24/7 and are very easy to use.

Looking for a Professional Locksmith?

Now that you know why you should replace your locks, reach out to us to get your residential, commercial, and car locks replaced at the earliest. Our expert locksmiths offer a variety of lock options to meet all your needs.

Our services include key duplication, broken keys extraction, lock installation and repair, keyless entry systems, locked keys in the car, and crash bars. Our services can be availed 24/7. No matter where you reside, our mobile locksmiths will come to your doorstep within minutes and fix your locks immediately, giving you absolute peace of mind. Call now at (832) 430-1747 to get your locks fixed or replaced!

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