Car Keys on Counter
Emergency Locksmith

Tips to Avoid Getting Locked Out

Getting locked out of your own home due to being forgetful or having misplaced a key can be highly frustrating. It can be doubly inconvenient …

Burglar Trying to get in House
Residential Locksmith

4 Sneaky Ways a Burglar Can Break Into Your Home

House break-ins are one of the most common and troubling crimes that plague the United States. Crafty and cunning burglars use different means to access …

Does Car Insurance Cover Lockouts?

3 Issues a Car Locksmith Can Solve for You

From Locking yourself out of your car to having your car key break inside the ignition, numerous things can go wrong when it comes to …

a smart lock system with its phone application
Residential Locksmith

4 Benefits of Smart Locks

Let’s face it. Better security is a greater need today than it ever has been. As burglars are getting smarter, locks are becoming smarter too. …

door handle with a metal lock and a key
Residential Locksmith

5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Locks

When you think of the first line of defense for your house, what comes to mind? If it’s your door with a great lock system, …

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