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Commerical Locksmith Services

While residential and automotive locksmith services are more well-known, commercial locksmith services are an important part of ASAP Locksmith. We aim to help business owners create safe, secure places so that all employees have peace of mind. ASAP Locksmith can help with all your commercial service needs, including setting up lock systems, replacing faulty systems, and even with an emergency.

  • Commercial lockouts
  • Lock repair and replacement
  • Keyless entry
  • Crash bar installation and repair

Commercial Locksmith Services

Large workspaces have a lot of doors, and with this, a lot of keys. Having a master key eliminated the need to carry a large number of keys constantly. It is efficient, streamlined, and convenient. ASAP Locksmith can help create a master key that will allow access to any lock in your workplace.


Just as a house should be re-keyed to eliminate the number of unknown people who have access to it, too should a commercial property be re-keyed. Locks really should be re-keyed periodically. Staff turnover means that there could be excess keys available to the public. As well, if you have to let go of a disruptive employee, it may be a safe bet to install new locks, just in case they were able to abscond with a copy of a key.

The cylinders in the lock will be reconfigured to re-key a commercial building, and a corresponding key is produced. You actually can keep the existing lock, which saves money. Contact ASAP Locksmith to determine if this is an avenue that you can go down.

Choice of Locks

ASAP Locksmith can help your business determine just what type of lock will work best. Cylindrical locks are the most common, and most people prefer to have them installed. To install a cylindrical lock, two holes need to be drilled into the door.

Mortise locks include an extra deadbolt and what is known as a thumb latch handle. This is an extra form of security to help everyone feel safe and better protect sensitive products. While mortise locks can be more difficult to install because they need to be individually carved to a door and then drilled into one, they are often used, and ASAP Locksmith can help create them.

Cabinet and Desk Locks

It’s not just the outside of the building that needs to be protected in a commercial setting. The inside contents should remain secure, which is why cabinet and desk locks should not be overlooked. ASAP Locksmith can help to install these important locks. Because the system is smaller in design, it can easily malfunction or even jam if not created properly. If this is the case, don’t panic. Call ASAP Locksmith, and they will be able to repair any cabinet or desk locks.

Emergency Services

Unfortunately, just as a home or car can be broken into, too can a commercial setting. If you arrive at work in the morning only to find you are the victim of a break-in, try not to panic. Instead, contact ASAP Locksmith. As well, you may be alerted in the middle of the night via a security system that something is amiss in your business. While this is tragic, rest assured that you can call ASAP Locksmith any time of the day. Even in the middle of the night, someone will be there to answer the phone. We can have locksmith technicians arrive as soon as possible to ensure that your livelihood is no longer at risk. While there is little comfort in knowing that someone has violated your workspace, you can take a small measure of comfort by knowing that a friendly voice will greet you on the other side of the phone.

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