Guide to Locksmith Services

Guide to Locksmith Services

Locksmith Services

We never plan for a break-in, a misplaced key, or a faulty lock. And when it happens, it always catches us off guard. When these situations arise, locksmiths are professionals we call upon to help. 

Nowadays, locksmith services are more advanced than they used to be. This increase in their capabilities is largely due to the improvements in technology as well as the need for their services. Keeping our property safe has never been more important. Though crime is not necessarily on the rise, forms of property protection are still prevalent. 1 in 4 Americans uses a security system to protect their home and property, according to Safewise. 

Though the repertoire of locksmiths has increased, that doesn’t necessarily mean the general public is aware of the skills locksmiths have that can aid them in their day-to-day lives. In fact, the list of things general locksmiths are capable of might surprise some people. Read on for a list of locksmith services. 

Key Duplication

Key duplication is one of the most common locksmith services that is offered. Most people might choose to get this service done at a local hardware store, but, most if not all, locksmiths can perform this service. Better yet, they are a mobile service where customers don’t have to leave their homes to get a new one made. Key duplication can be performed on most ordinary keys, such as regular house keys or even car keys. Most any car key can be duplicated, including the more modern smart keys that newer car models have. 

Car Locksmith

The number of specialties locksmiths have regarding cars might be surprising. Locksmiths can help customers when keys are locked inside a car to even help with a faulty key fob. 

Woman needing car lockout services

Keys Locked Inside a Car

This is one of the most common calls locksmiths get. Even with smart keys and remote start features, the chances of you leaving your keys inside your car are still high. Locksmiths have adapted to new technologies to ensure everyone gets the help they need, no matter the car. 

Ignition Repair

Believe it or not, you don’t need an auto mechanic for a faulty ignition system. Most locksmiths are trained to deal with this car issue. It is possible that some problems, after careful diagnosis, can’t be resolved by a locksmith, but more often than not, locksmiths can help. 


A robbery is one of the scariest things that can happen, but you don’t need to fear it. After a robbery, locksmiths are there to help. They can give you recommendations on the best security out there and help you install it. Even if you’ve never been robbed, locksmiths are there to explore security systems with you. Whatever the system you desire, locksmiths are equipped with the skills to help. 

Here is a list of locksmith services for your residential needs: 

  • Lock repairs
  • Lockouts
  • Lock installation
  • Security system installation
  • Lock rekeying


As important as security is inside the home, so too is the security for your business. Similar to residential locksmith services, locksmiths also offer commercial security. Locksmiths can help business owners choose a security plan to keep their businesses safe. 

Here is a list of locksmith services for your commercial needs:

  • Rekeying
  • Security system installation
  • Lock repairs
  • Lockouts
  • Cabinet/file cabinet lock services


Last but not least, the most common problem locksmiths are called for is emergency services. All of the locksmith services listed above can be helped on an emergency basis. Whether you locked yourself out of your business or home, or are having issues starting your car with your key, locksmiths are available for any emergency you might find yourself in. 

ASAP Locksmith Offers 24/7 Help

Based out of the Greater Houston area, ASAP is available for any sticky situation you might find yourself in. Don’t be afraid to give us a call, no matter the situation. ASAP has experienced locksmiths ready to help you with your emergency, residential, commercial, or automobile needs. Give our team a call at (832)404-0102, or visit our contact us page to fill out the form.

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