6 Safety and Security Issues in Old Properties

6 Safety and Security Issues in Old Properties

A large, historical mansion that displays several of the 6 safety and security issues in old properties

There’s something about old houses that charms anyone who comes into contact with them. Perhaps it’s the excitement of being near a piece of intact history. Perhaps it’s the old-fashioned, sophisticated architecture. Whatever the reason old properties have an effect on us, it’s no secret that they tend to bewitch and enchant, and that may influence modern buyers to invest in a historical piece of land. But homebuyers beware of safety and security issues in old properties. The appeal of a historic property sometimes may cause you to make a rash investment decision. Unfortunately, that decision often puts you and your family at risk when you are unaware of the vulnerabilities these properties may have. Here are 6 security and safety issues in old properties

1. Dampness

Any property can experience dampness and water damage. However, older properties tend to go longer without maintenance. That means the problem is allowed to fester and grow, causing damage to wooden window frames, roofing, and doors. Often the insecurities in these fixtures go unnoticed until something drastic happens. For instance, a break-in. Burglars know that older houses aren’t as structurally sound as their more modern counterparts. Thus, they will take advantage of weak spots like wooden window frames and doors that are starting to rot to get inside your home. 

Dampness can also cause health hazards. When left unaddressed, moisture grows mold and mildew, which can affect your respiratory system and cause cold-like symptoms. When you’re buying an old property, you should hire a professional to inspect for this issue. 

2. Pest Infestations 

Older homes are also more vulnerable to pest infestations. Damp wood is an attraction for termites, old roofing is a paradise for nesting birds, and dank basements are a breeding ground for rats and mice. Not only are some of these pests hazardous to your safety because of the bacteria they carry, but many of them cause structural insecurities that make your home a target for burglars. Any holes and structural damage caused by pests make it easy for criminals to break in. If you suspect a pest infestation, call an exterminator right away. 

3. Rusted Iron

Iron is a beautiful addition that many old properties boast. It lends a magnificent, grandiose look to homes around windows and in towering gates. Unfortunately, though, iron is subject to rust. If left to the elements for a long time, iron starts to rust and swell. This swelling causes iron used to structurally strengthen and decorate your to become a security hazard. It will cause gates to raise and stones areas around windows to crack, causing weaknesses that tempt a burglar onto your property.

An old home acting as an example of 6 security and safety issues in old properties

4. Old Security Systems 

Depending on the year your home was built, it may have a security system already installed. Inexperienced homeowners might think these security systems are acceptable and consider themselves safe as soon as they move in. However, this is often not the case. Old security systems might miss a burglar’s activity on your property and take too long to alert the proper authorities. These systems are also vulnerable to getting their wires cut by would-be thieves. Modern, wireless options are much safer. It’s better to upgrade your security measures when you move into an old property, lest you come face-to-face with a criminal. 

5. Outdated Locks 

Older locks are easier to pick because of their simple design and age. Naturally, if your locks haven’t been changed since the property was first built, there is going to be evidence of wear and tear. Experienced burglars will take note of this when casing your house, so be sure to call a locksmith and buy strong replacements. 

6. Poorly-Lighted Exteriors

A burglar’s main goal is to get in and out of your house quickly without being seen. That’s why burglars look for hidden entry points and poorly-lit homes to break into. Many older properties do not have strong outdoor lighting or any outdoor lighting at all. That makes it easier for thieves to sneak in and out without anyone noticing. 

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