Tips to Avoid Getting Locked Out

Tips to Avoid Getting Locked Out

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Getting locked out of your own home due to being forgetful or having misplaced a key can be highly frustrating. It can be doubly inconvenient when you want to get into your home as soon as possible, but the locks won’t cooperate, or the keys have been damaged too severely for use. This situation calls for help from the best locksmith services in Houston. ASAP Locksmith is one of the most reliable locksmith services in Houston and can also provide emergency lockout services in times of need. Our professionals are trained to give you the best experience and customer service. Whether you have an issue with your locks or the keys themselves, you can contact us for fantastic lockout services in Houston.


Lock Your Doors from the Outside


The best advice to avoid getting locked out of your main house door is to invest in a door that locks from the outside. This piece of advice applies to both houses and vehicles. When you close the door behind yourself, it is much more likely that you will forget your keys inside since you won’t be needing them in the first place. Choosing to lock doors manually after leaving is a great tactic to prevent getting locked out in the first place. When you have a door that locks from the outside, you will never forget to keep your keys with you as you close the door every time you leave.


Hide a Spare Key


Many homeowners consider hiding the key to the front door somewhere near their front porch or verandah as an excellent idea for emergency purposes. Nevertheless, there is a huge disadvantage since someone else can also easily find the key to your house. Therefore, to achieve the highest level of security, we recommend hiding a lockbox near the porch or the garden where it cannot be easily found but can be remembered. Some people also keep a spare key to their house in their vehicles. However, this is a risky move since any burglar may easily gain access to your car and use the hidden key to enter your home. In this case, we recommend layering security by placing a key to the garage alone in your vehicle’s glove compartment and then another key to the house hidden somewhere safe in the garage.


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Check for Keys Before Leaving


The most effective method to avoid getting locked out is checking your keys before leaving your home. Maintain a fun habit of reminding yourself to keep all essentials (wallet, keys, sunglasses, etc.) before leaving the house. Keeping the keys near the door itself will also help you remember to take your keys no matter where you go. Many people get locked out due to absent-mindedness or if they are focused on something else. Whenever you leave a restaurant or someplace outside of your home, it is best to pat your pockets and check for your keys to ensure they haven’t fallen out of your pockets or have been misplaced somewhere else.


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Even after careful consideration and multiple precautions, one can find themselves locked out of their home due to a mistake. If you want expert advice and emergency lockout services in Houston, you must immediately call ASAP Locksmith at (832) 404-0102. Our professionals will arrive at your location within a few minutes, determine the cause of the lockout, find helpful and cost-effective solutions, and help you regain access to your house in no time.

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